An Innovative Sanctuary for Inner and World Peace

Welcome to Visioning Space

However you arrived, the cares of the day can fall away.

Come in and stroll through the parkland and gardens. 

Take your time and find your space for today.

Listen to the birdsong.

Smell the air.


Immerse yourself.

You might like to visit the sanctuary.

Inside the sanctuary, be

Enveloped in the play and colours of light.

Hear the sound of the water fountain in the centre.

Rejuvenate and experience yourself in a new way.

Bring your questions and prayers to Visioning Space.

The calm and stillness reveal the answers.

Visioning Space Healing Site in the Evening  © Harman Scott

Many Ways In  © Harman Scott

Visioning Space Healing Site © Harman Scott

The healing you do at Visioning Space will inspire your future.

Visioning Space Already Exists

Visioning Space already exists, in spiritual form. We invite everyone who wishes to be part of the transition to the 5th dimension raised consiousness of the world to go there, and without effort.

Simply be willing, be quiet within, say 'Visioning Space', and be there instantly. 

Visioning Space is a place to:-

  • Meditate, without effort or will, and connect with one's Higher Power.
  • Be healed.
  • Be inspired by nature and stained glass art.
  • Feel, experience, envision one's purpose in life.
  • Find rest, and be thankful.
  • Find inner peace, enlightenment.
  • Be nurtured.
  • Be you, find you.
  • Be safe.
  • Experience love for ourselves and humankind.
  • Experience we are all one.
  • .....And when it is built in physical reality:
  • Pray alongside people of all religions and spiritual traditions, and none.
  • Hold special religious services (by special arrangement).
  • Honour Toronto’s pluralistic culture, having both inside and outside spaces for worship.
  • Meet others.
  • Reconcile, in joyful celebration of each others’ humanity.
  • In the healing gardens, enjoy physical exercise, relaxation, and play games.

“Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence” (Desiderata –  Ehrmann)

When enough people desire to build Visioning Space in physical reality, it will happen.

Visioning Space has arrived through architect Harman Scott. Having given birth to this, he reveals it to others. It is for the common good and healing of the world. 

Although Visioning Space can be experienced now on a spiritual level, many would desire a healing and inspiring place to visit. This human passion has built the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids, St Peter’s Basilica, Haga Sophia, Rothko Chapel, Ronchamp Chapel and Vence Chapel, and many other sacred places.

That passion will also build Visioning Spaces, when enough people in a community want one in their city, and most likely first in Toronto, then Chicago, and then other major cities in North America and Europe.


I think the vision you have conceived of is exceptional and ambitious. It creates   a space for people of all religions to pause, to reflect, to give thanks.  It affirms the spiritual impulse in the Canadians landscape. It says ‘This is Canada. Faith matters.’ It would be a meaningful legacy of Canada’s 150.”

– Greg Pennoyer, Program Director, ‘Faith in Canada 150’, Hamilton, Ontario.


It is an investment in the future. I am happy to endorse.”

“Will input visions from all over the world.”

 – The Rev. Dr. John Joseph Mastandrea, Spiritual Director, Metropolitan United church, Toronto, Ontario.

“Clearly there is kindred spirit in the mission, intent and design of your project with numerous public spiritual spaces throughout the world.

Having the healing gardens as an essential part of the ‘World Visioning Space’ would be a major contribution to the life of the city.

I really want to affirm the importance of having spaces like this in the city center.”

– David Leslie, Executive Director, Rothko Chapel, Houston, Texas.

Visioning Space Healing Site © Harman Scott