An Innovative Sanctuary for Inner and World Peace

The Visioning Space -

A New Project for Toronto, Canada

The Vision

The Visioning Space is a healing place for humanity,

pioneered in the Canadian city of Toronto,

the most pluralistic city in the world.

Its healing gardens and sanctuary are open to everyone,

free of charge. It is a sacred space for wellbeing and

reflection, of inner and outer peace, and visioning one’s

purpose in life. It also serves as a meeting place for

promoting the highest aspirations of interfaith

understanding, human rights and equality,

through forums, religious special services, rites of

passage and community meetings.

The first of many Visioning Spaces in

North America and even

Europe, all interlinked.

The work done at Visioning Space will shape the future. 

It is not a question of ‘whether’ to build Visioning Space, it is simply a question of ‘when’.

This bold ambition is realised when enough people want it to happen. You can be part of this! Email your interest to

Visioning Space in the Evening © Harman Scott

The Early Stages of Development

Over many years the concept and design for Visioning Space healing site, a universal place of peace, meditation, meetings, gatherings, relaxation and wellbeing, for people of all religions and none, has been developed by architect Harman Scott. This is being brought into reality. It is a sacred place, a sanctuary based on sacred geometry architecture and extensive healing gardens, set in prkland. It makes visible the desire of humankind for commonality.

We are at the early stages of this amazing dream project, and you can be part of it.

The benefits of Visioning Space

Calmness & Inner Peace

Calmness and inner peace are sought by so many people around the world, to deal with the frenetic activity of Western lifestyle. Humankind is desperate for deeper spirituality.

People have a natural desire to connect with their inner self. They travel worldwide and visit sacred religious buildings and places to experience inner peace and the tranquility embodied in them, often without wishing necessarily to engage with the religious practices that these buildings host.

This spiritual experience can have a real impact on their lives. there are many internationally-known buildings that have this effect, such as the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, St Peter’s Basilica, the Haga Sophia, the Ronchamp Chapel, Vence Chapel in France, and the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas. There are of course other examples.

It is a wonderful idea to imagine the people of Toronto, Ontario having access to such a healing place, without having to travel long distances.
In Toronto’s pluralistic society, an iconic focus and beacon is needed to amplify to the world the human concerns already being championed here, such as interfaith, human rights, social justice, peace and equality.

The Visioning Space is a place to:-

  • Meditate, and without effort or use of the will, connect with one's Higher Power.
  • Be healed and inspired by nature and stained glass art, and connect with their healing power.
  • Feel, experience and envision one's true path in life.
  • Simply find quiet and reprieve, inner peace, enlightenment, healing, nurture and destiny, for people of all religions and spiritual traditions, or none.
  • Simply 'be', a place to calm down, think, distil one's thoughts, and to open up, in a safe place.
  • Hold special religious services
  • Honour Toronto’s pluralistic nature, using both outside and inside spaces for worship.
  • Meet with others and reconcile, in joyful celebration of each others’ humanity.
  • Experience love for ourselves and for humankind.
  • To experience all as one.
  • Play, picnic, exercise in the extensive gardens.

“Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence” (Desiderata –  Ehrmann)


“I think the vision you have conceived of is exceptional and ambitious. It creates   a space for people of all religions to pause, to reflect, to give thanks.  It affirms the spiritual impulse in the Canadians landscape. It says ‘This is Canada. Faith matters.’ It would be a meaningful legacy of Canada’s 150.”

– Greg Pennoyer, Program Director, ‘Faith in Canada 150’, Hamilton, Ontario.


“It is an investment in the future. I am happy to endorse.”

“Will input visions from all over the world.”

 – The Rev. Dr. John Joseph Mastandrea, Spiritual Director, Metropolitan United church, Toronto, Ontario.

“Clearly there is kindred spirit in the mission, intent and design of your project with numerous public spiritual spaces throughout the world.

Having the healing gardens as an essential part of the ‘World Visioning Space’ would be a major contribution to the life of the city.

I really want to affirm the importance of having spaces like this in the city center.”

– David Leslie, Executive Director, Rothko Chapel, Houston, Texas.

Visioning Space Healing Site © Harman Scott