Healing Gardens

Visioning Space: Healing Gardens

The healing gardens are a transitional space between the busy life of the city and the sanctuary building, a sanctuary in themselves, to rest, and just be you.

Cascading Water    © Harman Scott

Flowing Water in the landscape     © Harman Scott


Flowing water represents life-giving, healing, connection with the earth and the interconnection between all living beings..

The interfaith gardens include conjoined areas based on a wide range of religious traditions. When moving form one to the other, interfaith understanding and common precepts are experienced, without words.

Canada’s pluralistic society is served by outside and inside spaces for worship, covering religious, spiritual and non-theistic traditions.

Peace, Fun, Relaxation © Harman Scott

Connect with nature.

Being in nature is well-proven to be healing, with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health benefits.

Outdoor exercise and relaxation space for local residents, families and workers; people of all ages.

Informal designs recreating nature, and to suit many activities:

  • Open grass for gatherings.
  • Quieter spaces as a haven of peace.
  • Outdoor exercise in all its forms, from jogging to Yoga and Tai Chi.
  • Family picnics.
  • Areas to sit, especially by the water.
  • Robust and naturally arranged rocks and tree trunks to scramble over, with wild planting to soften.
  • Designed for manageable maintenance.
  • Secure evening use, by extensive warm-white and coloured artificial lighting.

Visual delight from changes in the seasons, and evolving ideas.

Planting for food and healing, with fruit trees, berry trees, medicinal flowers and herbs, for free picking by visitors and nature.

Healing Landscaping © Harman Scott