Healing Gardens

World Visioning Spaces - Healing Gardens

The healing gardens are a transitional space between the busy city life and the sanctuary itself.

They are a counterpoint to the frenetic activity of highways and surrounding commercial areas. The healing gardens are sacred space and part of the concept.

In Canada’s pluralistic society, having both outside and inside spaces for worship is important, to cover all religious, spiritual and non-theistic traditions.

An example of tiered pools © Harman Scott

Water running through WVS Healing Gardens © Harman Scott

A site area of minimum 50m x 50m, or 50m diameter, is required for the sanctuary, including the immediate surrounding healing gardens, and set in a park of minimum 2 hectares.

The design begins simply as a sanctuary surrounded with trees in parkland, with water, all of which is healing in itself. The healing gardens evolve as time and funds permit, to include areas based on a wide range of religious traditions. Toronto’s climate is a practical consideration.

Flowing water is an important feature. It represents healing, life-giving, connection with the earth and the interconnection between all living beings. The water feature is designed to transform into an ice-skating circuit in Toronto’s winter.

Peace, Fun, Relaxation © Harman Scott

In the gardens one can connect with nature and children can play. This meets the needs of people who work locally people and condominium residents, for outdoor exercise and relaxation space.

The gardens are a haven of peace, bathed in positive healing energy, that nourishes and soothes the heart and mind, in the evening as well as by day. They are informal, natural, and suit many activities. There is open grass for gatherings, outdoor exercise from circuit training to Tai Chi, and for play. There are more sheltered spaces for contemplation, chatting and family picnics. There are rocks, tree trunks and robust planting, not only beautiful to look at, but also robust enough for children to scramble around.

Labyrinths are set in the grass.

Visual delight changes with the seasons.

The gardens evolve and mature over time, and their natural appearance reduces maintenance requirements.

There are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health benefits for people of all ages, all year round, including for the volunteers who will, with professional help, maintain them.

Healing Landscaping © Harman Scott