World Visioning Space - How it is Developed


The Strategic Plan is:-

Stage 1 –  Concept Development – 2012-2016

  • This has been underway for several years and has been self-funded by the architect, and by people generously giving their time, expertise and accommodation in Toronto, USA and UK. The concept and is introduced to a progression of interested people involved in religious, community and political spheres. Each of them suggest others to present it to. The concept is enthusiastically received. Support is gathering, and there is much more work to do, to widen this.
  • A team is now required to take ‘World Visioning Space’ forward to the next stage. Creating this team is the main focus at this time. The team develops the Strategic Plan and becomes part of the Not-For-Profit charitable organisation created in Stage 2,  that develops, delivers and governs it. This is made possible by political, interfaith, human rights and equality organisations’ support. The site is established through these channels.
'World Visioning Space' Concept Image
'World Visioning Space' Concept Image © Harman Scott

Stage 2 –  Spread the Word!

  • A strategic plan is developed to set up the Not-For-Profit charitable organisation, which takes the project to the next level. It has a budget of CAN$250,000. Contributions are sought.

Stage 3 – Project Development

  • The Not-For-Profit charitable organisation commissions further design development, costing, promotion and fundraising to identify the benefactor(s), budgeted at CAN$1M.

Stage 4 – Delivery

  • Not-For-Profit charitable organisation commissions the build of the sanctuary and gardens, costing CAN$12M-15M, plus infrastructure and soft costs.

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“Money is always looking for a good home. If you have a good project, begin it. The money will follow” – Harman Scott

High-end commercial development is attracted around it, due to the beautiful environment created.