The ‘World Visioning Space’ Sanctuary Design – Sacred Geometry

World Visioning Space - Sanctuary Design

Video: take a trip through Visioning Space coming to life

Healing Gardens tiered pools © Harman Scott

Interior of Visioning Space © Harman Scott

The design  of the sanctuary uses sacred geometry throughout. The sanctuary is seven-sided, with sloping walls, marble-clad internally and externally. The translucent glazed tower is designed as a prism, a crystal jewel, and is internally illuminated.

Inside the sanctuary, the seven arched stained glass windows (one being the entrance) are full of vibrant yet contemplative colours. The space is high and celebrates human dignity. The oculus below the tower invites us to look ‘up to the light’, indeed as is often seen in religious architecture.The strong shape of the enclosure is nurturing and gives a feeling of protection. Yet one is able to see out through the stained glass to some degree, reminding us that although we are in a calm state of inner reflection, we do so while still living our daily lives in the world. To maintain the feeling of privacy inside the sanctuary, the landscaping is designed to keep people outside a discreet distance away from all windows.

Entering the building © Harman Scott

The stained glass windows are inspiring and contemplative works of art, each piece in its own right, and taken as a whole. Their design is abstract, emanates beauty, love and peace, in a vibrantly colourful way. Viewers may be drawn consciously or unconsciously to the healing qualities of a particular colour or mix of mix of colours


Section through the Sanctuary © Harman Scott

Symbolism of the Architectural Form

The ancient marble cladding of the sanctuary is carved from the earth and visually clearly ‘grounded’.

The 7-sided illuminated crystal spire reaches up to the sky, creating an iconic landmark representing all nations and cultures.

The form of the sanctuary and tower combined reminds us to have our feet firmly on the ground and at the same time be upright and truthful to ourselves and each other, reaching up to our higher power and aspirations.

The arched windows are soft in design. Also, the arch comes from the earth and returns to the earth, symbolising again connection to the earth.

The nurturing sanctuary and upright tower combined also symbolises the male and female energies within all of us being in balance, bringing peace within, that we take with us when we leave.

In the centre of the floor of the sanctuary, the mosaic mandala, designed by Robert Mertens, symbolises ‘World in Harmony’ and 'New Beginning'.

Visioning Space in the Snow © Harman Scott