The ‘World Visioning Space’ Sanctuary Design – Sacred Geometry

World Visioning Space - Sanctuary Design

Video: take a trip through Visioning Space coming to life

Healing Gardens tiered pools © Harman Scott

Interior of Visioning Space © Harman Scott

The Sanctuary building is seven-sided, marble-clad, and 'grows out' of the ground. The translucent glazed crystal tower is light, changing in colour as daylight reflects off it, and internally lit to be a beacon at night. It reaches up, connecting to God, Allah, The Divine, the Supreme Being. This architectural symbolism reminds us to be grounded and yet at the same time to be connected to our Higher Power; to be  upright and truthful to ourselves an others.

The high ceiling inside celebrates human dignity. The occulus invites us to look up to the Light.

The nurturing sanctuary and crystal tower evokes balancing male and female energies within all of us, creating peace within and without.

If you see the tower as shorter, or as a dome, that is right for you.

The seven stained glass arched windows/entrance produce coloured light inside, evoking all the colours of the rainbow, and their healing qualities. The glass design symbolises ‘World in Harmony’ and 'New Beginning'. The actual glass design is not known at this stage. 

The windows' arched shape reminds us that our bodies come from the earth, rise to a peak and then return to the earth. 

One sees outside through the glass, reminding us that although we are in a warm, nurturing, contemplative and healing environment, the insights we receive are for our life in the world. 

Entering the building © Harman Scott

In the centre of the sanctuary, some see a mosaic mandala, some see a glowing egg-shaped light and water flowing over it, a fountain. Some see a central pool to bathe in.

Section through the Sanctuary © Harman Scott


Visioning Space in the Snow © Harman Scott