‘World Visioning Space’ – Why Toronto? and Where?


World Visioning Space - The First in Toronto

Changemakers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada can build the first Visioning Space:

  • Canada is a relatively young country with people from everywhere, generally with broad views, living peaceably together.
  • Toronto is an international centre of business, finance, arts, and culture.
  • Toronto people have a good reputation as having regard for the common good.
  • Toronto is a forward-looking society, where people are seeking deeper spirituality and interfaith understanding.
  • Interfaith organisations have existed in Toronto since the late 1800’s. These organisations, along with international religious missions and Federal human rights & equality organisations, do great work. Visioning Space also provides an iconic and spiritual focus to unify, strengthen and amplify this work; to broadcast it to the world.

  • Toronto has good transport links and Lake Ontario is traditionally  a meeting place at the centre of North America.

  • There are 6M people in the Greater Toronto conurbation.


'World Visioning Space' 

And Where in Greater Toronto?

A site readily accessible by public transport, set in healing gardens that reflect all major cultures. A supply of natural flowing water is essential.

And When?

EXPO 2025 in Toronto may be the catalyst, and provide the impetus?