‘World Visioning Space’ – Why Toronto? and Where?


World Visioning Space - Why Toronto? and Where?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada is chosen for this innovative ‘World Visioning Space’, because:

  • Canada is a relatively young country with people from everywhere, generally with broad views, and living peaceably together.
  • Toronto is an international centre of business, finance, arts, and culture.
  • Toronto people have regard for the common good.
  • There are many young people in Toronto seeking direction in their lives. There are elements of this proposal especially important for them.
  • Toronto is a forward-looking society, where people are seeking deeper spirituality and interfaith understanding.
  • Interfaith organisations have existed in Toronto since the late 1800’s. These organisations, along with international religious missions and Federal human rights & equality organisations, do great work. What is needed is an iconic and spiritual focus to unify, strengthen and amplify this work; a place from where the people of Ontario’s extraordinary example can be broadcast to the world.

  • Toronto is readily accessible by good transport links: locally, provincially and internationally. It is at Lake Ontario, traditionally and spiritually a meeting place at the centre of North America.

  • There are 6M people in the wider Greater Toronto area.


'World Visioning Space' - In an repurposed golf course?


The location is not dictated. The benefactors building it, and the political, interfaith and spiritual communities guiding it, advise and decide on where it is located.

And Where in Toronto?

‘Visioning Space’ is deliberately located within this very modern and cosmopolitan city, to bring peace and balance. An access to public transport makes it accessible to everyone, and without the need to park a large numbers of cars.

It is built in the healing gardens in a small park.

The site is located to be readily accessible in any area of Greater Toronto Area.

Types of sites investigated are:-

  • Established public parks.
  • Private land – endless possiblities with deep pockets, or part of an estabished development with sufficient private parkland available.
  • A new public park created as part of a large commerical development.
  • Part of Toronto’s bid for Expo 2025, in a new park in redeveloped Port Lands?